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This is my first post and I'm a novice. I am looking to set-up my system but don't really know how. I've collected several pieces of hardware throughout the years and can't quite figure out the best approach to wire them. Below is my equipment and how I have it now. I know that it is probably not as nice as some of the stuff I've seen here but it's all I've got.

Samsung HD DirecTV
Emerson HDTV 37" LCD EWL3706 (HDMI port but using s-vid)
Harmon/Kardon AVR 5
Infinity RS2 Bookshelf Speakers
Infinity Sterling TS satellite surround system w/ sub(Currently using sub and 2 bookshelf speakers)

I also have a PC with Audigy 2ZS Soundcard no s-vid port

My objective is to get the best sound in an all in one workspace. I would like to get my PC to TV (and use wireless keyboard & mouse) but unsure how to do so. The HDMI Port is not functioning correctly so that is not an option. I guess my question is...

-How can I connect the pc to TV as my monitor?
-Should I use Bookshelf speakers with Sub /or Infinity Sterling TS system/ or Creative 5.1 speakers?
-Do I run each componet to the receiver or run everything(Satellite, DVD) through TV audio?

Please Help!!! Thanks
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