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Default Re: @Nvidia: OpenGL apps with compiz enabled run slower

well, it is only normal to lose some fps, since you're using part of the gpu for compiz, when it's not used with metacity. it's like complaining that your usual game doesn't run as fast when you're encoding some audio (or any other task)...
resources get shared among the various stasks on the system...

as for "smoothness", sure I too lose a mere 5 fps in games, but it stays smooth nonetheless. hell, your 84fps is damn smooth, given that the human eye can only perceive ~25fps grand max.
that said:
- if you're playing fullscreen, you can 'disable redirect for fullscreen windows'.
- I always encountered an issue with compiz, which by default 1. autodetects its target fps and 2. activates vsync, both which for some reason makes the games (actually, compiz's rendering of the game's frame) skip one frame out of some, giving some totally un-smooth behavior, regardless of the high fps rating. disabling compiz vsync and its refresh rate autodetection, and forcing it to my panel's 60fps gives a total pleasure to the eye.
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