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Smile Re: @Nvidia: OpenGL apps with compiz enabled run slower

Originally Posted by lloeki
... - I always encountered an issue with compiz, which by default 1. autodetects its target fps and 2. activates vsync, both which for some reason makes the games (actually, compiz's rendering of the game's frame) skip one frame out of some, giving some totally un-smooth behavior, regardless of the high fps rating. disabling compiz vsync and its refresh rate autodetection, and forcing it to my panel's 60fps gives a total pleasure to the eye.
That is what I meant.
So in this specific situation, it seems to be a driver bug/issue.

I think you only get it to 98% synced.
NVIDIA X Server Settings tells me, that my monitor refresh rate is 58,47 Hz.
I couldn't get compiz to do the same frequency, I can only use 60 or 58 as refresh rate. If I play videos I can see tearing, that is not so nice.
At the moment compiz is not really smooth if I take a look at a Intel based graphics system it is much smoother. I never got it so smooth on a NVIDIA System. This has nothing to do with the fps it is just how compiz behaves.

So it would be interesting for everyone of use to know if NVIDIA is going to solve those problems.

And I really would like to know if NVIDIA is working together with the compiz developer.

I mean NVIDIA is working together with the developer from Crysis and other great games to get the best out of there hardware.

NVIDIA please let as know.

Mr. A

Nvida is doing a great job compared to the ATI/AMD drivers.
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