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Default Ubuntu Feisty and NVidia GForce MX Drivers

Hello All!

I've tried to solve my problem with the many solutions posted in this forum but, until now, none of them works. So, I decided start a new thread to start from zero, because I'm very lost with so many ways to put my old NVidia GForce MX to work in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn...
I'm asking for NVidia people's help too, because I'm suspecting a driver bug in this case.

My configuration: Motherboard Asus A7N266-VM with an GForce 2 MX integrated GPU, working fine in Windows XP (even the graphics acceleration) and in early Ubuntu versions.

According the famous "Appendix A" my GForce should work with the 1.0-96xx drivers but it's not true. I've tried this driver and other versions and none of them works fine.
The best result until now was with 1.0.96xx driver, but many draw/redraw problems happens (when I'm dragging a window or even at the login screen).

Please, if anyone have a GForce 2 MX working on Ubuntu Feisty, help me to understand how to do this, ok?

Thanks a lot!
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