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Default Re: SETUP HELP

Originally Posted by Corduroy
When they installed the sat. box he tried the cable and a new box. This reallyt isn't a priority for me right now. I'm just pissed that it isn't working and have to pay to get it replaced/fixed. The cable itself would be pretty expensive in terms of what it is. I mean it's a freakin cable for crying out loud. I'm not willing to spend over about $10 for one. I guess I could buy and return but just haven't really worried about it. Before too long they'll be 3 for $1.
You can get them for under 10 bucks online.

btw, for connecting your PC to the TV, what video card is in your system?

Sorry if I seem a little negative, just frustrated.

Do you have any suggestions on what speaker system I should use? Can I mix the Bookshelf speakers with the 5.1 speaker system? Will my computer speakers sound better than these. here is my soundcard

I found this on another forum
"I'm also the proud owner of the Infinity Sterling TS and i had been using up until a year or two ago. The setup seems decent, but i wouldn't say a speaker would ever go out of date. As long as it runs and could keep up with modern technology, i don't see anything wrong ie. (you could stick speaker wire in it like any other speaker and have it produce sound).

I actually do have the woofer unit that came with it. It never had oomph so it got degraded to a footstool. The only problem with the Sterling TS is that they are sealed and their low frequency output doesnt extend below 150hz, so it starts rolling off at around 180-200hz or so. Then to compensate for the lack of LF extension, you have the crossover on the sub all the way up to compensate for the Sterlings which could also create problems. Maybe thats why they included the woofer module, but i oculd never find any specs on the damn thing."

BTW I finally found a link to my HK AVR5
I see no reason you can't mix the speakers. Are they all 8 ohm impedance? I assume you want to use the bookshelf speakers in the front?

I can't tell from your link if that receiver has a TOSlink input (digital optical) or S/PDIF (Coax). If it has either or both, using one of those that would be the best way to connect the soundcard to the receiver, since it's a single cable.
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