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Default I know, you're all tired of hearing it ;)

But I have the SAME problem too. Only the difference is that mine only occurs when I drag and drop icons inside Konqueror or on the desktop in KDE. No problem with OpenOffice, no problem with Mozilla. OpenGL apps including Blender work fine.

Like everyone else this problem didn't occur on the 3123 drivers. I've turned off acpi, apic, etc. I have an LCD but I'm using it analog mode rather than DFP mode because my card doesn't have a DVI port.

<flame> Honestly, I'm beginning to think that nVidia cards just suck and maybe I should go buy a Radeon </flame>

I have an AOpen GeForce4 440 MX. I'm running an Athlon 1800+ XP on an SiS 735 chipset. I have agpgart turned off, and NVagp is set to "1". I tried NVAgp set to 0 and agpgart loaded as a module but that didn't work either.
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