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Default Re: Calling Mr. JaXXoN - Xen 3.1/100.14.11 patch crashing.

Originally Posted by zander
You shouldn't need to patch 100.14.11 to build it against Xen kernels, though you will need to override the sanity check (Xen is still unsupported); you can do so by setting the IGNORE_XEN_PRESENCE environment variable to 1.

Thanks. It's good to know.
I'll drop all the dma_attr/pfn_xxx/PAT changes and see how it goes.

Never the less, the drivers doesn't compile cleanly under Xen 3.1 (Fedora 7)
The biggest culprits are missing HYPERVISOR_memory_op prototype (that's buried deep-deep-deep under include/asm-XXX/mach-xen and missing asm/maddr.h (the same).

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