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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

OK, add another new one to the list. This is just downright rude:

Lantanis used to run into people who would trade window spam him in IF, and chuck lock boxes at him. I actually got one while I was in combat, in some zone. But due to the beggers who trade window spam, I block trades as default. I'm off killing a mob, leveling a rogue alt up some, when out of no where (the guy was behind me, never saw him), I start seeing "x has requested trade. trade refused" spamming the screen.

After about 4-5 times of this, the person whispers me to say:

I need help
Pick my locks.
Never mind that I was in combat at that precise moment. Never mind that I was getting attacked, while killing mobs I needed for a quest. No, I was supposed to stop everything I'm doing, right in the middle of the battle zone, to pick his lock boxes. And, oh yeah, the char was only lvl 33 with about 108 lock picking. I haven't really leveled it all that much yet, as I can focus on it a bit more, latter on, after I have some levels.

Oh, and that's not to mention the lock who goes to take my mobs, after I just walk up for a different quest, fearing everything, etc. So I vanish, and he's unhappy that I wouldn't sit there and kill the stuff for his credit. If he wanted help, couldn't he bother to ask for a party? Bleh, and no, many classes have skills (such as vanish) with which to withdraw from combat, or latter on a lock could banish. Pull that stuff with people at one's own peril. Some won't sit there and be forced to fight.

Hell, my main is a hunter. Someone goes around doing that stuff in Outland, I can feign, and flight mount/fly up. One doesn't even have to get very far off the ground to be out of agro range. That usually sets the matter to straights

Meh, that lock was like another I ran into when Gilthanas was away. A different lock, dif realm, who decided to try taking on 20 ogres, in Stormgarde. Yes, the elite ones.. I'd walk somewhere else, trying to find one to attack. He'd keep targeting them also, and then start fearing all the ogres into one another.

As I kept walking over to the side, killing one *over there*; he started to b*tch at me, that I wasn't helping him enough. He swore up and down that I wanted him to die, and how "obligated" he felt I was, to help him kill them all.

One would be insane to stand in the middle of that. What he did, was tantamount to agroing an entire instance. When I was like "no, I'm just trying to do my quest here"; he got more upset, insisting I just admitted that I wanted him to die, because he was trying to take them all, and it was my obligation to keep him alive for that
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