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NvNews doesn't use pop-up ads at all.

If you're running WinXP, pop-up ads can be displayed on your PC if the "Messenger" service is enabled. Now, don't confuse this with MSN Messenger as it's totally different.

Click "My Computer" --> Control Panel --> Admin Tools --> Services.

Look for the "Messenger" Service and you can disable it by right clicking it and choosing "Properties". This will stop about 50% of your pop-up ads right off the bat. The other 50% most likely comes from third-party programs that are loaded with spyware and stuff, especially file-sharing programs like Kazaa, Gnutela, Edonkey, WinMX, etc. They usually install alot of pop-up ad garbage silently on your PC. CyDoor, $aveNow, and Gator are the most common.

There's a program that can detect such pop-up ad garbage and other forms of spyware and rinse it from your system -- Ad-Aware -- from Lavasoft.

Download the shareware version of it and give it a whirl.

Lastly, go to and snag their "Pop-Up-Stopper". It'll prevent pop-ups by allowing only ONE instance Internet Explorer to run at a time (however you can temporarily disable it by holding the CTRL key when clicking certain links). Excellent program!
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