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Default Re: QuadroFX 1500 (Compaq nw9440) Can't change resolution

Interestingly, at least to me, if I 'startx -- -logverbose 6' I cannot actually log in. No client ever manages to connect to the server. Startx works fine. I did the startx with options, killed the server, ran the report, and will attach the file here.

Also, on my first reboot this morning I was told that I had a driver mismatch (worked fine, with current version verified, last night) and I had to reinstall the driver this morning. Now I am getting display corruption on scrolling (sometimes.)

The modelines below were generated while running the free 'nv' driver on this card, and using xvidtune -save. I selected each resolution (they work there) and placed them here. Perhaps nv is properly reading the EDID, and nvidia is not? Or perhaps the nv driver is automatically correcting some values somehow (?) and nvidia is not? I'll enclose the edid dump that nvidia-settings made, perhaps it can shed some light.
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