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Default Re: Futurists: Both Formats Will Grow

Jennifer Netherby said it- its gotta be true!

The format war is just that a war, its in the best interests of each company to win the war as quickly as possible. While the fight is on going each company is losing profits to its competitor. More importantly as there are two players in this current war that necessarily means that at any point there is a winner in sales and a loser. If there is a continual winner in sales that winner will use financial leverage to sell even more units and the gap will widen between winner and loser. This will continue until the loser either accepts they are fighting a losing battle and makes the financially justified decision to remove themselves from competition or gambles even heavier with company assets and tries to artificially lower prices by operating at a loss.

In anycase a stalemate is just not possible, this isn't a war for some political motivation its just dollars and cents. Once a leader emerges the accountants on the losing team will inform those in charge that its time to pull the plug.
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