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I have been thinking about bring back the poll. Here is why its not there now:

The poll script I was using sucked, the source code had to be manually edited to change the poll, and the results manually posted and stored. I had to type a dummy data file for the number of poll options in notepad every time I changed the poll. To be honest, after 3 years, changing the poll was becoming a major pain the butt.

I was looking for a better poll script but really didn't find something that suited our needs so I am writing my own. One thing the next poll will do is have extra code to keep the results more realistic e.g.

* each vote will generate a key (based in part on IP address) to prevent multiple voting.

* no more than x amount of votes (maybe 100) from each referring IP. This prevents other sites linking to our poll and telling all their visitors to vote a single way, which screws up the results.
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