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Default Re: Really confused! What home cinema speakers do I need for x-fi?

It's best if you use a straight digital connection IMO. Not only do you completely avoid noise caused by EM interference from other devices in your PC (and PC's do have a lot of EM noise compared to pretty much any other audio source) you also avoid the crosstalk problems that are present in the 3.5mm headphone style cables that PC soundcards typically use.

Creative is the one brand of sound cards that doesn't offer much in the way of digital audio though. You can get good sound out of e.g. DVD's by using the S/PDIF passthrough feature connected to your a/v receiver, but you are SOL when it comes to games.

If you must have an x-fi (not really the best audio chipset IMO,) then the only way you'll get digital audio is by switching to the Auzentech Prelude when that comes out.
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