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Default Re: Really confused! What home cinema speakers do I need for x-fi?

Originally Posted by Jon
So, I have my PC connected via dvi to the hdtv. Currently audio is handled using the 3.5mm analog connection from the x-fi to the 3.5mm pc input on the tv. I want some 5.1 speakers because I don't like the built in HDTV speakers.

I just want the simplest/most likely to work method. I believe I need to connect either the 3.5mm digital flexijack or the 3x3.5mm analogues to a dolby decoder/receiver.

But I can't decide if its a decoder or a receiver I need (most articles I read appear to use these names interchangeably). I thought the x-fi had a built in decoder but I don't even have the decoder tab in audio console which is clearly shown on creatives website:

I also read that if you use the analogue connectors, the x-fi automatically does the decoding... does this mean if I go analogue I can't use a decoder?

Can anyone help?
The thing is that most recievers have a decoder in them. They are two seperate things, but a decoder is usually a piece of hardware built into the reciever itself. You don't need to use the decoder that is in your reciever to input audio, it is only needed if you are putting in something that wasn't already decoded.

The X-FI has a built in decoder, and you don't really have to set anything to turn it on because it automatically decodes everthing by default. You can use the analog connections (3 x 3.5mm) to your reciever if you have the correct inputs on reciever itself. (Meaning 3 x 3.5 jacks or 3 pairs of RCA's) The easiest way is simply by using an optical cable (digital connection) from the X-FI to the reciever. That will give you 5.1 audio using one cable.
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