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Default Re: nHancer version 2.1.1

Still cant get anything to work. The anisotropic works just fine, but the anti aliasing never works, I have to be doing something wrong.

Half Life 2 for instance, the in-game anti aliasing wont work because ATI card users can only get that for some reason. I use nHancer to try to get myself some AA, so I go to that profile and I turn on the following

Anti Aliasing, check
Coverage Sample, check
8x, check

I start the game, nothing works. I've also tried millions of combinations involving the enhance in game setting, multisampling and application controlled, cant get it to work.

Guild Wars, the only time the AA works through nHancer is if I turn off post processing effects, same with Company of Heroes. I just leave the Post Processing on and use the in-game AA and works fine, but why wont it work with the processing on?
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