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Default Re: HD DVD hardware sales growth ahead of Blu-ray in North America.

Well, I bought a PS3 for Blu-Ray AND gaming...Here is how my logic went...

Buy a PS3 with Blu-Ray, and I have a next gen gaming machine.

If Blu-Ray wins, sweet...I can use it till BR players drop in price to the point where I will buy a set top box (likely the sub $300 range)...

If HD-DVD wins, Sweet, I can already pick up an HD-DVD set top box in the sub 300 range (or will be able to shortly)..Then I still have Blu-Ray (just in case they get a "BR Only" title that I might want...And I have (IMO) a great gaming machine...

I honestly don't care who wins, I just want 1080p standard and a good selection of movies...

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