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Default Re: Really confused! What home cinema speakers do I need for x-fi?

Originally Posted by Redeemed
I'm well aware that EAX is not a form of surround sound by any means, but Creative does want their customers to think otherwise- and that is more or less why I even mentioned it:

Also, notice to the right on that page, the Alchemy ad- it says "Get Surround Sound Back".

But yes, I am aware of and agree with everything you said. It is just with CL's marketing most people are unaware that EAX is not actually surround sound. Again, that is the only reason why I mentioned it.
Ah. Yeah, that and alchemy wouldn't really be necessary for EAX either if creative just did it in software. But then if they did that, creative wouldn't be able to make anymore misleading/unrealistic promises about faster framerates with their sound cards.

MS got rid of the sound HAL for a few good reasons. And now that dual core CPU's are becoming the norm, theres practically no need for it at all. In fact you are guaranteed lower latency without HAL these days.
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