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Default Re: low resolution on twinview DFP-0 under 100.14.11

Originally Posted by netllama
Please start X with the following command:
startx -- -logverbose 6

and then generate a new bug report while this problem is present.
Damn! I used startx -logverbose=6 before; it didn't complain, but it didn't give the details!

I recreated reports from the (working) 9762, from 100.14.11 with monitor off, and
after turning it on to 1280x1024 (all are attached).
The critical stage seems to be that in 9762, when it's testing the 1600x1200 @ 60Hz
for DFP-0, it ends up saying: "Reduced Blanking enabled to bring Pixel Clock in range"
and accepting that mode as valid. Under 100.14.11 it simply rejects the mode.

This seems to suggest that a tweaked modeline would provide a workaround?
(but I don't know how to create one)
Or, alternatively, use Option "ModeValidation" "NoMaxPClkCheck" ?
Are either of these advisable?
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