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Arrow GRAW 2 (PC) - Feedback Thread

I just noticed, there's no GRAW 2 PC feedback thread here.

Weapons mechanics are totally different. Its much harder than GRAW1 now, but it balances out the weapons now. I'm slowly getting used to it.

Graphics are definitely a step up from GRAW1. The game is not just shades of brown and yellow anymore, especially in that multiplayer maps, cove and castle I believe they are called (or at least take place in). Can't wait for our mapper to make custom ones.

So far, single player, its a bit more polished.. I'm just in middle of the 2nd mission, and so far, I have to admit, the enemy AI isn't totally winning me over.. Although it did surprise me that after I killed one my camping around a corner, his buddy a min later, was smart enough to realize there was a corpse around the corner, and decided to start firing while rounding the corner.

Multiplayer has been great, at our Beer Drinking Assassins server. In the usual peak times (after work in US and UK times), the server is packed with 32 players, and unless you are just sitting in an really odd area, there's plenty of action.
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