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Default I cannot use a different video card

Originally posted by Gator
I think I've heard of that error too, wish I could help. Honestly it might be easier to simply replace the card, the GF4MX is superior to the old TNT2 and they start at a mere $38us
The problem is that in office we don't have video cards exept TNT2 or ATI.
Actually the PC is working with an ATI; it works well, but is not enough for how I use it, I need a powerful one for lots of "X displays", so TNT2 should be better.......what can I do ?

Might be a problem related to my motherboard (ASUS P38-F) that is not compliant with TNT2 ?
Few colleagues of mine useing a TNT2 with ASUS motherboard too, but noone seems to have the same model of mine....
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