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Default Re: GRAW 2 (PC) - Feedback Thread

After playing through 7 SP missions on Hardcore I thought I'd post my impressions on GRAW2 so far.

First off, similar to Rainbow6, forget what the original game of the series was like and about; they have moved on and changed this game. Sad but that's life.

That being said, taking GRAW2 for what it is by itself, is a great game; 8/10. Only reason it is an 8 is cause there are too many bugs or issues. Tweak the AI, gfx and scripting a bit and this would easily be a 9.5 game.

It begs to be played carefully and slowly with lots of timeouts for planning and surveying. It is not intended to be a run and gun but it can be poorly played that way on easier difficulty levels if one wants to reload save games often.

Things I really don't like:
- scripted events are way obvious and as such, enemies can literaly spawn right in front of your eyes
- been said before but enemy and friendly AI isn't perfect (as the BOSS you gotta compensate, back track or baby sit sometimes)
- no FSAA
- popup of ground objects like rocks and grass
- HUD VR CrossCom window is useless
- not able to control Drone camera(but not a big issue cause only in 1 level so far)
- SP is kind of short, I'm on mission 8 of 10 and have about 12 hours in so far (days of 25+ hours are over I guess)
- drone, tank, artillery and air bombing support has only be in 1 mission so far

What's good:
+ AI does what its suppose to 90% of the time
+ GREAT satisfaction when you're maneuvering and tactical plan 'all comes together' and kicks enemy butt
+ a huge hurray for Quicksave
+ overall gfx are nicely done with fast frame rates
+ being able to command friendly AI from full screen CrossCom
+ crouching and prone (use it, it's a must) actually works very well for sneaking and stealth
+ levels are very decently designed with good, gritty atmosphere and convincing destruction/busyness (some later level are pure evil but oh so good)
+ crouching and stealth is key in this game which is a good thing and works pretty well (stand up alot and you will get seen and shot very quickly)
+ map editor is to be released (hopefully soon)

This IMO is definitely better than GRAW1 by a rather large margin. Many more things you can do and ways you can control or handle them=more fun.

Don't judge too harshly by the demo, demo is exactly like the full patched version as far as I can tell but the demo level (first level of full) is the very poorest and unfun level of them all by a rather large amount IMO.

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