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Lightbulb Re: I have the same problem

Originally posted by sobi
I have nearly the same systemconfiguratin as U.
Thanks to your hints I found out, that the TV-Encoder of the Geforce 4 Cards are not supported by nvtv.
Starting nvtv, it says in the config page at TV-Encoders: <no device>

In the logfiles I found, that the actual nvidia-driver (4363) is compiled against XFree 4.0.2 - whereas Suse 8.2 is running XFree 4.3.0
I've no idea whether that has any importance or influence ...

Another point is the warning, that the driver failed to read the EDID parameters (whatever that is).

Having both displays connected, I found an entry in the logfile:
connected display devices: CRT-0, TV-0
multiple displays connected, but only one display allowed, using first display...

No idea, whether this is normal, but if so, I know understand, that it could not work without the support of nvtv.

I think we have to await a new Release of XFree or nvtv or even of both ...
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