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Default Re: GRAW 2 (PC) - Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by JohnDio
All of the players in the server i was playing this afternoon were simply great. Heck we were even communicating with the text messages. For instance in one round i went behind enemy lines (i was watching the backs of 13 soldiers which were camping and killing my teammates ). Your goal is to enter a zone and stay there for 5 seconds. So in order to win i had to be undetected. As i was behind enemy lines i was taking cover and watched my back for a spawned enemy. I reached the zone and it was guarded by one player. We had an intence fight and luckily i won,entered the zone and our team won. It was great
We increased the zone time on our bda server to 65 I believe. Its an awesome sight though when the teams working together and yours gets the siege zone, and the other side panics and just rushes to the siege zone, only to get picked off like fly's from all sides.
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