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Default Re: BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch

Originally Posted by walterman
Good news for Steam users: I bought my steam version today & it works too !

Just place the "d3d8.dll" & "br2fsaa.ini" files into "steamapps/common/bloodrayne 2" folder.

Then edit "br2fsaa.ini" and set 'ForceResolution', 'Width', 'Heigh' & 'ForceAR' variables, to your needs:

Example for 1920x1200

ForceResolution = 1
Width = 1920
Height = 1200
ForceAR = 2
Great, thanks.

Unfortunately, there's a showstopper of a drawback for me: No triple-buffering. I'm using D3DOverrider (part of RivaTuner) to force triple buffering in D3D games, it fires off the standard Windows system sound beep/error when it's activated in a game - it's silent here when your patch is applied, and the framerate shows it. So even at 1280x960 I either get horrible tearing, or choppy double-buffering - both look like ass. My 7600GT just doesn't have the bandwidth for AA, but I was hoping at least for my native 1680x1050 res. Ah well....

Edit: It's not just the lack of triple-buffering it seems, even when I disable vsync and D3Doverrider and enable nothing in the FSAA ini file (and keep the res/aniso the same), BR2 is noticeably smoother without your replacement .dll than with. Wierd...
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