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[i]... Shouldn't it go automatically to the new kernel's subdir? [/b]
It could have been made to do that,
but seems to be designed to uninstall
whatever it already knows about -- whether
an RPM installation or an existing nvidia-installer one.
Generally that seems like a good idea,
but it gets in the way if you want to run multiple

If you do use the hide-in-misc/ subterfuge
I suggest above, you'll need to remember to
remove .../misc/nvidia.o manually if you upgrade to a later
NVidia driver version. The later driver will
come with a later libGL, and the kernel
driver and libGL need to have matched versions.
I.e. you might get in the habit of saying, just to make sure,
  rm /lib/modules/*/misc/nvidia.o
  nvidia-installer -a --update ...
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