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Default Re: Save coding to database

Thanks for the help, but I do not understand the str_replace();. I was reading the php manual but that didn't help. I forgot to tell you that I am still fairly new to php and mysql both. So please bare with me. But to give a bit more info.

rn is exactly how it looks when I hit the enter key for a new blank line just like typing a document.

I use
PHP Code:
     print "Headline:<br><textarea name='headline' rows='1' cols='60'>$userstats3[headline]</textarea><br>";
as my text area

and I use
PHP Code:


$SQL = "update d_users set headline='$headline'where username='$userstats3[username]'";
mysql_query($SQL) or die("could not register");
to save it to the database.

And when I have everything print out onto another page it comes out like this...

rn = new line done by enter key

words words words.rnrnwords words.

so in the process of saving it is converted someone from a new line to the rn. This helps. Please explain to me how to fix this problem. Because as I said the manual doesn't help me. I'm more of a hands on person. In the mean time I'll keep trying to figure this out and let you know if I do.
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