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Post Re: BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch

Originally Posted by Nitz Walsh
Great, thanks.

Unfortunately, there's a showstopper of a drawback for me: No triple-buffering. I'm using D3DOverrider (part of RivaTuner) to force triple buffering in D3D games, it fires off the standard Windows system sound beep/error when it's activated in a game - it's silent here when your patch is applied, and the framerate shows it. So even at 1280x960 I either get horrible tearing, or choppy double-buffering - both look like ass. My 7600GT just doesn't have the bandwidth for AA, but I was hoping at least for my native 1680x1050 res. Ah well....

Edit: It's not just the lack of triple-buffering it seems, even when I disable vsync and D3Doverrider and enable nothing in the FSAA ini file (and keep the res/aniso the same), BR2 is noticeably smoother without your replacement .dll than with. Wierd...
I'm so sorry to hear that you cannot enjoy the game

The problem is that the game needs a very very very fast gfx card. And with my patch, it needs around 30-40% more gfx power.

Some numbers
MSAA 4x: 7900GTX 56GB/s @ 1280x1024 -> 85 fps
MSAA 4x: 8800GTX 100GB/s @ 1280x1024 -> 130 fps
SSAA 2x: 8800GTX 100GB/s @ 1280x1024 -> 100 fps
SSAA 2x: 8800GTX 100GB/s @ 1920x1200 -> 55 fps

You'll need a 8800GTX to run 1680x1050 with MSAA 4x @ 100fps +-

About VSync, it works from nHancer, and you can say bye to tearing, and also, i could enable triple buffering directly from my patch, to help you with the framerate, but, there's another problem. If you enable Vsync, there're problems with the gameplay (you can't execute some combos, or throw people with the harpoon, ...) That's why i didn't implement it. Anyway, prolly i'll add that option to help with the triple buffering.
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