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Default Re: Netflix reports first drop in subscriptions

Originally Posted by RussianHAXOR
Oh and netflix dropped prices. Btw Blockbuster version of netflix sucks the wait is SOOO LONG its ridiculous, we had to wait 2 weeks to get a movie....
Yeah I am on the trial for BB online right now, it's sh*tty compared to netflix. Your queue doesn't come in order, at all. They'll just send you whichever one they feel like, even if the first in your queue is in fact available. In fact, I have 10 movies in my queue, all older movies so no reason why they should be all rented out, yet they just sent me the second to the last movie in my queue.

I had the queue specially laid out so that I could watch the sequels in order, but apparently that doesn't mean sh*t to blockbuster.

With netflix my queue was ALWAYS in order unless the title simply wasn't available at the time.

Also, why is it taking 5 business days between when I send out a movie, and the movie actually arrives here? That is a ridiculously long time. Netflix the max turnaround time was 3 days.

As soon as my bb online trial expires, I am canceling it.
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