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Default Re: Save coding to database

Originally Posted by evilghost
Never had to use \\r\\n, I would think since it's a CRLF you'd use \r\n to strip it...but you would be right, it could be a literal \r\n. I just confused myself I think.
well, the reason it's displaying "rn" on his screen is that its actually "\r\n" but PHP is escaping the backslashes and displaying the "rn" part. it's the same when you want to output a quote.

you cant use
echo """;
that would give you a syntax error...

youd have to use
echo "\"";
the backslash is not printed. so, although the "\r\n" is present, PHP is outputting it as "rn". so, to remove this you need to use "\\r\\n" as that would equate to "\r\n" in PHP.

this right? maybe im talkin out of my ass now
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