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Default Re: New C2D E6600, temp monitoring is inconsistant

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
So... if all temperature monitoring software gives different readings, is the BIOS usually accurate at least? I know they used to be the same way, but with on-die temp sensors they must have fixed it. Right?

I just checked with my currect setup and I get totally different temps between core temp and speedfan.

How the hell are they different? I thought they just displayed the numbers that the temp sensor was recording...
It's more than a little annoying isn't it? 15C* difference in 2 progs that are running at the same time... thats 60F* difference!! Maybe the local weatherman is influencing these utilities... he's about as accurate.

Edit: one utility reads System 31C* the other reads it as -65C* wewt... I give up.


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