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Default Philips HTS6500

Well, my older Philips home theater died yesterday. I got a TON of use out of it and i didnt mind that it passed on. So, I head out in search of another home theater and I come across this HTS6500. Now, I'm old school and I sleep better at night knowing that my 5.1 audio is coming from 5.1 speakers; and this HTS6500 is one of those 2.1 systems that fools your ear into hearing 5.1. For me, the biggest selling point was less wires all over my house, and the HMDI upconversion for my LCD TV. It also helped that this system is 1000 W and my old one was 450 W.

I bring it home, and seriously, it took 10 minutes to hook it up. Old school type home theaters took a whole afternoon, so I was already pleased. Then, I turn it on and quickly update the firmware. Then I toss in Tom Cruise War of the Worlds, and go to the scene where the machine first comes out of the ground and starts zapping everyone.

one word... WOW. The clarity was the first thing I noticed. the ambient noises of the film were much more a part of the movie than ever before. Keeping in mind that I am a 100% audiophile, I was impressed. Next thing was the odd sensation of hearing sounds from behind me and on the sides of me and knowing that there were no speakers there. Extremely odd, but once I told myself to stop thinking about the non-speakers at my sides, I really was amazed at how well the virtual speakers sounded.

I'll post more information later today Gotta get some work done.
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