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Default Re: Philips HTS6500

Originally Posted by nrdstrm
How much did those run? Do they have a 5.1 version? How much is that? How would they compare to Logitech Z5500s? Is that wattage RMS or Peak? Sorry for all the ?'s, but I'm starting a better job soon so in a month or 3 I'll have more money...I had a cheezy DVD/Surround Sound System (Panasonic)...When I got my new TV, I ripped that out and put up the 5500's (they were laying around in a box, so I figured why not...They have to be better than the Panasonic (wich of course they are....) Anyway, thanks for the info if ya get a chance!

they cost $248.

no 5.1 version as your thinking of it. but thats the idea here, it's true 5.1, i jst dont have to put speakers/wires all over my house. the CPU in the unit takes the 5.1, and adjusts the shape of the sound wave so when you ehar it, it seems as if its coming from rear speakers. i watched Mars Attacks last night and it works great. It kicks the crap out my older Philips that I had before.

i dont know how they compare to your logi's cause i have never used or heard those.

RMS total is 500W. 4x75W and 2x100W. it's LOUD. in my house i could only watch Mars Attacks at 15 out of 50, and it was blowing my ears away.

if you are in the market for a enw setup, before you commit, run to circuit city or walmart and listen to them. I will recommend them, but thats my ears. your ears my hear something completely different. That being said, i love mine. It sounds amazing and the clarity is still ming boggling.
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