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Default Re: Who really owns this site? hmmmmm

Originally posted by Mortrek
Everyone should keep in mind that the more popular a publically available service/establishment is, the more it is considered owned by the general population.

Its a sad fact of life in this country that you lose control of a creation on the eve of its greatness.

Just please don't act like gods. You may have admin status, but its not your site anymore. You have a responsibility to the public.

eh.. this is a privately owned website m8...

ergo... WE are lucky to be allowed to register and use this facility PROVIDED to us free of cost...

therefore... this whole public thing as long as we abide by the rules and don't question the powers that be (basically mike )... we are fine...

undoubtedly a system of checks and balances is there... and we can question certain actions by the non-admins... but to question the admin and tell him he has a responsibility to us when HE is paying the bills... I dunno bout that one...
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