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Default Re: Really confused! What home cinema speakers do I need for x-fi?

Originally Posted by Jon
Thanks guys, I've had to read the whole thread a couple of times cause theres lots of tech info here but heres where I've got so far:

1:- I already have a creative x-fi fatality (the one with the 64mb of memory). As it turns out, despite all the marketing and logos on the box, it is a "gaming" card and therefore has no decoding ability! I'm a bit annoyed at this... especially since I paid top money for what I thought was the best card.

2:- Despite (1), I've connected my x-fi (spdif) using digital coaxial to a phillips receiver (with built in dolby digital decoder).

3:- When watching HD-DVD or Blu ray... or most recent DVDs, the receiver display shows the dolby digital logo and summat like 3 2/1.

4:- The sound quality is awesome, and I am really happy with my rear speaker placement, but need to mess around with the placement of my front speakers as I'm sure they could be better (they are quite close together).
For speaker placement, your reciever should have settings where you can tell it how far each speaker is from the listener's position. That might help some in your situation.

Anyhow, glad to know you got it setup. I'm using a similar setup, except I'm just using onboard audio and an RCA reciever- the sound is awesome.
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