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Originally posted by Mortrek
Everyone should keep in mind that the more popular a publically available service/establishment is, the more it is considered owned by the general population.

Its a sad fact of life in this country that you lose control of a creation on the eve of its greatness.

Just please don't act like gods. You may have admin status, but its not your site anymore. You have a responsibility to the public.

Don't feel bad about everyone who's going to start laughing at ya, but you got it coming. It's a common misconception that on forums you have "freedom of speech" or that "the people have the REAL power", but it just ain't so.

You're being here is a privelage, not a right; you're here by the mods sufferance, not because they HAVE to let you be here. This is a private forum and NOTHING pisses off mods/admins more than having someone come in and tell them otherwise.

You're wrong me friend, pure and and learn.
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