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Default Re: Really confused! What home cinema speakers do I need for x-fi?

Originally Posted by Jon
Thanks guys, I've had to read the whole thread a couple of times cause theres lots of tech info here but heres where I've got so far:

1:- I already have a creative x-fi fatality (the one with the 64mb of memory). As it turns out, despite all the marketing and logos on the box, it is a "gaming" card and therefore has no decoding ability! I'm a bit annoyed at this... especially since I paid top money for what I thought was the best card.
I am not sure if you really meant decoding here, or if you really meant encoding.

Decoding of e.g. DTS, dolby digital, etc to analog outs isn't a terribly useful feature, as most DVD playback software will take care of that job anyways, and that job isn't really taxing on CPU time either. Many cards that do have decoding support in the hardware or drivers will flash all kinds of logos on their box, but don't be fooled as this feature can be had on pretty much any card, as there are numerous solutions for this.

Now encoding e.g. game audio in to dolby digital or DTS to be sent to your receiver, is a whole other thing. For whatever reason, creative is actively against adding this feature in spite of many consumer requests. There is one possible method for you to achieve this on a creative card, but it has a few caveats, such as added latency and a significantly increased CPU footprint for sound processing:
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