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Unhappy XVideo extension woes when window 1280x1024

I'm using the "xv" driver with xine to watch movies, play CDs, etc. Everything works fine until I resize the window somewhere close to full-screen, which for my display is 1280x1024. At that point every third or fourth row in the window gets shifted about 20 pixels sideways or so... almost looks like a badly interlaced TV signal. Furhtermore, if I pause playback, and the image freezes, I notice flicker in the image; at lower window sizes the image is solid when paused. So all this is looking like a HW driver problem to me.

Has anybody seen this? Hints? Fixes?

I'm using:
Linux 2.4.20
Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
MSI GeForce4 TI4200
Nvidia drivers 1.0.4191

I can attach my XF86Config, but I strongly doubt this is a configuration issue.

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