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Post Re: BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch

Originally Posted by Buio
Walterman, the patch works well for me so no problem there. Still run in 4xMSAA as SS takes to big performance hit for me.

Anyway, I got another problem. I've got Fraps registred and Bloodrayne 2 just dont like it. I try to run half-res with low recorded fps, but the game lags horribly when recording movies however I do. Its not hd-lag, its game lag. Your patch dont affect that of course, its same with or without it.

I can record without any big performance hit in other games, f.e. Graw2 which is a fairly demanding game. Just dunno why BR2 dont like fraps. Perhaps should mail fraps guys about it.
Yes, SSAA needs an insane amount of memory bandwidth, but, the image quality is absolutely outstanding !

About the Fraps problem, does it happen with a lower resolution too ? (640x480 f.e.). I remember that the game lags a lot too with VSync on.

Just for example, the dilated perception effect, needs 12 extra passes to the scene, with blending operations. 12 passes * 3 surfaces * 1280x1024x32bpp *100fps = 18 GB/s, and this is without AA/Z/Stencil, and after the main scene is rendered.
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