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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

I quit the game about a year and a half ago for a couple of reasons.

If the group wipes repeatedly, you are English speaking, and you still fail to understand simple concepts that have been repeatedly explained to you, you are retarded, there is no other explanation. It's just so tedious to play with people who fail to understand such simples concepts as: if everyone nukes a mob of their own it's almost impossible for a warrior tank to keep aggro, and that is not the tank's fault; don't chain pull if the healer is out of mana; don't run away from the tank and cast instants on the mob if you get aggro; no, the warlock is not stealing all the soul shards(!) etc. Every time you bring someone you don't know into a PuG it's like playing russian roulette, except the stakes are two hours of your time.

PvP in WoW would be almost sort of OK if people tried to accomplish the objectives and took tactical information from teammates into consideration instead of honour farming. AV was hell on Earth, it would be fine if one round didn't last for a whole entire day(sometimes multiple days) and if it didn't attract idiots; but its only use was keeping a few awful players out of the other battle grounds.

So that leaves raiding. In a decent guild it was quite enjoyable unless you're a sociophobe. The problem I have with raiding was that once you've learned the encounters and got them on farm they become tedious very quickly and you can't actually just stop doing the instance. And the worst let down is that in all guild not on the bleeding edge you are expected to study the encounter and tactics before you ever play it; you will never get to experience the encounter like it should be and figure out the tactics for yourselves as a team because loot is apparently more important than having fun.

By far, WoWs biggest drawback for me is the people playing it.
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