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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

Oh man, bringing unknowns into an instance. Several months ago, on my horde realm we had a guy who was in the guild over there from the beginning; and his friends apperently allowed him to need all the drops. He was an enchanter, and somewhere along the way he got a sense of entitlement "because my friends let me do it".

So now (and the gates of AQ not being open on the realm), the guild leader and some others had an idea we could go open it. He transfered in from a much more established realm, and so knew the steps necessary to open it all. So my Orc hunter there was 56 or 57 at the time (this was many, many months ago), and the guild was running LBRS, to get the UBRS key, so that people could proceed with the BWL attunement. I was rushing some lvls, so that I could hit a lvl to get the alt (my main then was a 60+ NE hunter over on Aman'Thul) to a lvl to go down there.

It ends abruptly when this individual went needing every single item in raid, and then b*tched when the co-GM needed only 1 item (after having passed on practically everything), which was better then what she had, and was an item she equiped immediately.

This followed by a half hour argument between this person; who insisted he did need all the drops, for enchanting mats, "how else will I make money on this run?", and the GM who was telling him, that one person can't just go around needing everything in a raid; that it isn't fair to everyone else. He was like "well my friends let me, and because they have for many months, you're obligated to do so, also".

After about a half hour of this, and complaining how he couldn't get his way (which ended up leaking out into guild chat), he hearthed out, mid-raid; and was de-ranked in the guild rankings. The next day he got all upset about the end of rank, and slowly began a campaign to convince all the lvl 60+s to leave the guild and come join him. It ended with his friends saying "he is wrong, but lets not make this about him, because he's a friend."

I was 57 then, when the guild disolved; wondering what I'd do, as a lvl 50+ unguilded is usually seen, rather badly by whoever one might try to get in with. Didn't play that alt much then (went back to my other realm), until I got that mess straightened out.

This sorta thing is just not enjoyable. I'd rather play with some friends, and with some individuals I know something about and have had a good time with; then go through this sorta nonsense. I do play yes, but life is just way too short for some individuals who go around life, expecting complete strangers to just willingly subjugate themselves to this sorta thing, with some sense of entitlement behind it.
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