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Default Re: 5900XT and Titan Quest Underclock Oddity

Originally Posted by Rob_0126
Yep, I want to underclock my v card. I am using rivatuner.

The defaults for the XFX 5900XT are:

- 300mhz clock
- 800mhz memory
- 390mhz clock
- 800mhz memory

Heres the odd part:

When I set the 3d clock to anything below 375mhz, I get some lockup in Titan Quest. I had it set at 350mhz, and I left the hardware monitor in rivatuner on to see the results.

Well, at the point of crash, the mhz actually jumped to 375mhz and the VID dropped to 2.

When I make it at least 375mhz, seems fine so far.

btw, I set 2d at 250mhz, cause I dont need my desktop blazing fast(seems fine at 250)

Reason: Keep the core cooler. cooler=lasts longer

I dont see but a few fps drop with core coming down(using fraps), no biggy to me.

Not sure what dropping the memory speed would do for the fps, or the memory modules cooling themselves.

Any pointers?

Why would setting flat defaults to 350mhz for 3d, ingame, would actually jump to 375mhz and drop VID to 2? Puzzles me,

Anybody got a clue?

Nothing odd about that, the FX5900 has 3 different clocks (and corresponding VID).


Before going to 3D is goes to 3D throttle (also when it overheats, default is 375 for 3D throttle.)
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