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Default X Server problem during linux installation - any idea? --PROBLEM SOLVED!!! READ BELOW

Please help! I don't think it's a difficult thing, but i need your help!

I have an (Asus) nVidia 8600GT silent video card [AMD Athlon 3600+ X2 64bit, Asus M2N-E SLI motherboard, 2 GB DDR2 ram, SATA disk].

I successfully installed Scientific Linux (SL) v5 i386 32-bit version on my sistem [SL is based on Fedora Linux]. All was ok.

Now i want to install Scientific Linux (SL) v5 x86_64 64-bit version on my computer, but installation won't work. This is the problem:

I boot from dvd; i got the very first initialization commands; the sata_nv driver is correctly loaded; and then I got thess messages:

Running Anaconda, the Scientific Linux Sistem Installer - please wait
Probing for video card: nVidia Corporation Unknown device 0402
Attempting to start X Server
Waiting for X Server to start...

Then i got blank screen and the monitor goes in sleep mode - but i have reasons to believe that the system has not hanged and that there is actually the first graphical installation screen "behind" the blank screen, because the system responds to my input but I bobviously can't see what's going on.

I also tried to boot the installation process with the following options:

linux noprobe
linux resolution=800x600
linux noprobe resolution=800x600
linux noapic

but it did not worked

Someone has got any idea? Thanks in advance.


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