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xgamma is for gamma control.
But where is brightness control and where is contrast control with the nvidia drivers for linux?

I mean, controls straight from the desktop, not simply from within mplayer, xine etc.

The windows drivers have had this feature for a long time, why does nvidia not care about providing these features for linux? I really can't understand this, and I already repeatedly asked this question in this forum.

Many monitors are way too bright with no sufficient brightness/contrast control via monitor knobs, keys etc.

In windows, the nvidia drivers can be controlled via software settings (from the nvidia display driver settings), or even better via additional tools like powerstrip.

Under linux, there is nothing to control brightness and/or contrast, there is just xgamma and nothing else (well, there is some basic new program, xbrightness, but it interferes with xgamma!)

Nvidia, do you listen?
Please, finally implement brightness/contrast/gamma control in your linux drivers. Thank you.

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