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Default gcc-3.3

1. Solved the problem of kernel mismatch with your help. I have a Nvidia Geforec 4 mmx 440 card , kernel-2.4.20, compiler-gcc-3.3. Kernel and modules compiled with gcc-323.Searched forum and found your comments re kernel mismatch and nv driver.Executed "export IGNORE_KERNEL_MISMATCH=1" and run the installer. Installation successfull and the driver
works very well. Thanks again bwkaz.
2.The distro(gcc-3.3) is lfs based on lfs book 4.1put together myself. Cheated only on one package,glibc-232 which was precompiled slackpak. The rest fell into place as per book with the latest base packages.
3. Also made my 1st purelfs successfully but could use only gcc-3.2.3 .Regards and best wishe bwkaz.
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