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Well I got DRI working finally .

I used the build_mod that was given in the thread nonolk linked too. I tried the kernel patch as well, it appared to work but crashes X if I try to do glxgears or glxinfo, so I went back to the ATI driver internal AGPGART. It says it is running in AGP 3.0 natively 8x, with SBA and FW (from the fireglcontrol program).

My only problem is that I get a lower framerate in glxgears than I got when it was running purely software mode.

Software = 255fps
DRI = 75-80fps.

Something seems dreadfully wrong.

I'm running the 2.9.12 w/ build_mod from wardy. I'm using Debian Stable with 2.4.21-rc2 kernel and Xfree 4.1.0

Any ideas?

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