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Default Re: 1080i50 TV out on 6150

Originally Posted by lpowles
I have noticed that I get 50Hz refresh in HD576p. There must be a way to specify a 50Hz mode in 1080i .. I know 1920x1080_50 method doesnt work and that all the modes listed in the modepool dont actually show the refresh, but there must be a way?? How come the 720x576 mode added to the pool in HD576p is 50Hz but nothing else is?
576p is derived from PAL which is 50Hz - so it is 50Hz. 480p is derived from NTSC, so it's 60p. All the true HD modes (720, 1080) are standardised to run at 60Hz. As the refresh rates are all hard-coded, that's all you're going to get.

You actually have 1080i50 content to watch?
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