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Default Re: Petitioning for a BAN.

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Seek therapy if you want your feelings to be known. Also mods don't have the right to just ban at their discretion. When some one becomes a problem it is usually talked over by the mods and admins and a decision is made on the input. Other times a obvious infringement of forum rules is made and a ban is done on the spot.

Now WRT to this being a democracy, it isn't. This is a benevolent dictatorship. It is MikeC's web site and he runs it how he see fit and he has the final say on who gets banned. It is his web site after all.

If every one had a say in who stayed and who went then as it was said before, stupid people would have a voice. And letting stupid people have any type of power is dangerous.
Case in point.
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