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Default What are Xorg WAIT errors ?

Ok, been lurking for a while, but I need clarification. What are WAIT errors in Xorg? As in, I'm receiving WAIT errors specific to the nVidia driver?

(WW) NVIDIA(0): WAIT (2, 6, 0x8000, 0x00008800, 0x00008810)
(WW) NVIDIA(0): WAIT (0, 6, 0x8000, 0x00008810, 0x00008810)

When these errors occur, it results in an approx 10 sec "freeze" of my system, including mouse and even SysRq hotkeys. Then returns to normal. Happens only with compiz running (various versions, including most recent -git) using nvidia, composite is (obviously) enabled in xorg.conf. Running under KDE with komposite or standard, no problems.

I've seen this on the last few driver releases.

I know the rules about posting a bug, but I'm not yet sure this is a bug, and I can't find any clarification on exactly what a WAIT error indicates, so I'm wondering if anyone can fill me in before I decide if this is a bug and need to go to the trouble of posting relative material, or if it's an issue on my end?

FWIW, Laptop is an AMD x2 1.8G, GeForce 6150, 2GB RAM

Any help or opinions appreciated...

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