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Default What is the PerfLevelSrc hack ?

I've seen reference to this before, in terms of matching up the modprobe.conf setting with the appropriate .ini file setting from Windows.

Can't find an explanation on what it does, though, but I gather it may be a "discouraged" workaround ?

Used it on my old laptop (an HP dv6000) with a GeForce 7200, and it eliminated some XID errors I was having with beryl. However, I also wound up frying the nvidia adapter in that system after about 5 months, although HP graciously replaced the motherboard under warranty. The sucker did get really hot while I was using it. I didn't do any other "tweaking" to the system.

That lappie wound up going to my gf while I'm now using a dv9000 with a lesser 6150 adapter, and I've found the reference in my Windows ini file to be 0x3333 for PerfLevelSrc. I'm having issues with Compiz (posted a previous thread about "WAIT" errors, though not the same as the XID errors I was having on the old one), is there a point in trying?

I guess what I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on what particular setting is being tweaked with that option, and what the risk factor is? Could be my last laptop fried the nvidia adapter simply from overheating in general, or could it have been the tweak?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Thanks in advance...

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