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Default Re: 1080i50 TV out on 6150

Originally Posted by philipl
576p is derived from PAL which is 50Hz - so it is 50Hz. 480p is derived from NTSC, so it's 60p.
Why does 576i come out at 60Hz then?

Originally Posted by philipl
All the true HD modes (720, 1080) are standardised to run at 60Hz. As the refresh rates are all hard-coded, that's all you're going to get.

You actually have 1080i50 content to watch?
Like pe1chl said (thanks again), everything broadcast here (Australia, btw) is 50Hz .. have a look at if you need convincing.

What is worse is that some (maybe all, i'm not sure?) TVs sold here dont support 60Hz, only 50Hz (ie. my TV!).

So I guess my question is why is this hardcoded? Maybe the TV encoder itself cant handle it .. but the link in the first post suggests that the 6150 encoder can do 1080i50. Do any of the old driver versions have less restrictive TV encoder setup (eg. dont ignore modelines)?
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